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Covid-19 and Self Isolation

Most of us around the world are becoming a new type of human. We are being told to shelter in place or stay at home. There is an invisible war going on that is causing a lot of stress and panic. This week is similar to last week. Most of the stores are out of certain items due to hoarders and panic shoppers. We have come to a point here in Ohio where non-essential businesses are being forced to close for a few weeks. This will have a great impact on our local and national economy. I fear some small towns will not recover well without huge assistance from the government and this could be a pivotal point in history. How we react and adapt in the coming months will create our future and I feel there is no changing it. We need to be proactive and think ahead of the curve now so we don't create a future we regret. We shouldn't be emptying the shelves out of greed. Think of the old lady who can't get to the store as fast as you.

Once we get back to normal and can spend more time back out in society we should slow down. The fast paced instant gratification society that has been created over the past decade has to stop. You don't need it all and you don't need it now. Good things come to those who wait. When we get back out there I urge you to shop local. Starbucks will always have funds, they will always have clients across the country. Walmart will still have billions of revenue flowing in. Your local coffee shop or hardware store doesn't. Most small businesses have never planned for an event of this magnitude and for some.......sadly.....this could be the end. So again, once we rebound, SHOP LOCAL!!!

Spending time at home, out in nature, or away from people isn't permanent. This is going to be a very uncomfortable time for a lot of people. Humans are social butterflies and social media proves this. Even if you don't want to get out, you are most likely keeping up with people and talking to them online. This is a great time to learn how to be yourself. Most people are so plugged in to either a device or a group of friends that they have lost touch with their own self. We are all actors online and performers in a group. Who is behind the curtains tho? Do you still understand who keeps the show running? This is a great time to learn who that person is.


I walked in the woods for a bit yesterday and realized that nature doesn't care about the news. It has no fear of the future. It is and always will be. I stumbled upon a dead deer and for a moment I felt bad. This may drive some people away but.....I don't see it the way you might. I see it as a symbol of our time. Nature gives and takes every second of the day. It doesn't need to self isolate or organize. -IT JUST IS- To me, the deer represents a bit of what we are going thru. Some may see a gross corpse and be turned off. I see nature reclaiming what it created. The circle of life ends exactly where it started and in a month or two the deer will not exist at all except for a few bones if the scavengers decide to leave them. Being away from man made society and the overly fast paced technological side of life can help us slow down and appreciate who we are as an individual. So, if you want to, study this act of nature for a few minutes and see how it makes you feel. I'd say the majority will say ,"Sad" ,"Uncomfortable", "Ill", "Why am I looking at this"........

Deer being reclaimed by nature

This is just what I found in the woods yesterday as I try to do my part and stay away from the population in an effort to help not spread the virus. The world will continue to run itself with or without us. Be a good steward and accept this fact. We can choose to destroy ourselves or we can choose to help the cause. This goes further than beating the virus. This is CHOOSING a better path after this is over. Think about someone else if you feel like taking the last 30 boxes of toilet paper. Buy a product from the old store downtown instead of taking advantage of that one day shipping on our favorite prime webpage.



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