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Great cost for a GREAT CAUSE!

My zine is completed and I hope all of you that are reading this can help out. I'm selling this photo book for $18 and ALL OF THE PROCEEDS will be donated to a local business or charity of my choosing. I haven't decided where I want it to go yet because of two things, 1. I want a respectable amount of funds to donate 2. I don't want to pick someone too early before I reach a respectable amount because they may already be in a good spot again by that time.


Join my mailing list from the home page to get updates and I will then announce where your purchase has landed once it is time. This is a great opportunity to get some of my photo work with some short stories all the while you are helping out someone in need. And it is at a great cost!

I poured a bit of time into this and a lot of it was just me getting past the learning curve of design and using layouts to match the printing companies margins. It took a bit of trail and error but looking back.....I was overthinking the process and I feel from here on out I can spend more time planning and less time creating. I have included quite a few photos from my old elementary school with childhood memories to explain them. I ended the book with two older photos that I haven't shown online. I have sat on those two for around 4 years and they have finally worked their way into the eyes of someone other than me. Anyone in the Cincinnati-ish area who is into ghost hunting, finding abandoned places, or a finder of creepy areas will know where it is if you have ever been inside. It is sought after by many enthusiast.

Again, I hope you can help out the cause here. I'm donating every single penny of it. I am also picking the winners of a free copy very soon. Everyone who helps me promote by sharing flyers I make has been entered into a drawing. I will be contacting you as soon as I draw.


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