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I plan on making my first Zine :)

I've made a plan to attempt to make my first zine this year. I have found two print companies that have a nice combination of quality plus affordability. My goal isn't to make money but to share what I see with others. Breaking even is the only thing I'm focusing on as far as finances go. I have a few ideas as to what I want the subject to be but I'm still uncertain which way I'm going.

Idea 1 : Rural Southern Ohio.

I've already got a plan to shoot Brown Co. Ohio (Where I grew up) in an attempt to capture what a slower paced life is like and what a land that has been affected by the fluctuation of our economy looks like. I'm just not sure if this should be a body of work for online viewing or for a zine.

Idea 2 : Streets and Towns

I'm not a street shooter by any stretch. I do think it would make for a nice zine to capture city and town life as I see it.

Idea 3 : Animals and Peoples Pets

Its always fun to shoot animals because they generally don't care what you are doing. They always have their own personality and I feel like I have always been able to capture that.

Idea 4 : Environmental style portraits of Unique People/Artist

There has been this one guy (you know who you are) that I've been planning to shoot for 2 or 3 years now and between adult life and just the fluctuation of motivation.....I have yet to do it. I've had an idea for a very long time to try and capture "unique" or "non status quo" people in their own environment to show the rest of society that there is more out there than what we see on TV.

What do you think? Which idea would look best in a zine as opposed to online viewing? Physical copies of work that you can hold and smell have a certain quality to them that you can't get thru a screen.


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