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Old souls always reunite.

I recently reunited with my lust for a mechanical camera.............

I have always been drawn to film and the process of slowing down. Film is one of those things that will make you think about every shot because you have actual money in the game. If you take a bad shot you can't just delete it and start over again without a monetary loss. I have always been a person of meticulous ways. For starters, I don't own a microwave. Yes, it is extremely slow to reheat leftovers but who's counting the seconds? Ok, enough about that, lets get back to the focus of my story here. Cameras are just tools in a bag. You can pick whatever tool you want and each one comes with a cost. I want to get back into using a slow mechanical camera that has 0 instant feedback on what was shot. The only way you know that you got a good shot is by instinct and waiting for your roll to run out so you can develop it. Speaking of developing........ I'm also going to attempt to develop my own film. What more can you think of that is as stressful as not seeing your shot, waiting weeks to get thru a roll of film, and then developing it at home in hopes you don't screw it up? I like that challenge and I will report back with my first roll soon.



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